In 2016, the market for solar power grew by 95%. Even still, the U.S. is largely dependent on conventional sources of power, with 65% of our electricity being generated from fossil fuels; 20% from natural gas; and 15% from renewable energy — with solar being the fastest growing energy source.

The Earth has a finite amount of natural resources. Solar is the future of power. The problem is that it simply isn’t accessible enough to the average American homeowner.

Our goal at Solarize U.S. is to help You become part of the solution, and save on your energy costs.

What we offer is a way for you to produce your own power and take control of your energy needs — with NO upfront costs. The future is here; no more being dependent on a single electricity supplier that raises rates year after year. It’s time to own your own power source.

Take Control Of Your Utility Costs
It may not be overly obvious from year to year, but electricity rates have increased nearly 40% in just the last 10 years.
Save Big With Credit's
There is many Federal, State and Utilities companies tax credits, rebates and initiatives that would help homeowners reduce there electric bill, Contact us for details.
Go Solar For Zero Down
100% financing, easy approvals, no prepayment penalty.

Making The Switch To Solar Is Easy

Solarize U.S. makes the switch to solar easy, our surveyors will design a custom solar panel system for your home to take full advantage of the sun, while remaining as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Next, our expert installers will install your system, using only top-rated equipment that's built to last and give you dependable power for many years to come. Finally, we deal with your electricity provider to set up a net meter to transfer power to and from the grid, and help you file the appropriate forms to receive your tax credits.

Solar Is More Efficient Than Ever

Today's top solar panels boast a 20% solar efficiency, compared to just 6% when they were introduced in the 1950s. At Solarize U.S., we use only the highest-rated panels with the most efficient solar cells available today. Your solar expert will determine how much power you need and help you choose the best panels for your home's needs, while respecting your budget. The result is that many homeowners end up with fewer panels than they anticipated and a system that is more efficient, producing clean, dependable energy for many years to come.

Find Out If Your Home Is A Good Fit For Solar

You don't have to live in a super sunny state to reap the benefits of solar power. In fact, the Solar Energy Industries Association ranked several states in the Northeast among the Top 10 Solar States. Your current electricity costs, the direction your roof faces, as well as its age and material, all affect the effectiveness of solar panels. The good news? Nearly every home we survey is a good fit for solar! Find out more about Residential Solar.

Join The Solar Movement

The amount of sunlight that hits the earth in a single hour is enough to power the entire planet’s electricity needs for a year!

Every 84 seconds, a homeowner makes the switch to solar power.

If you’re tired of rising energy costs and you want to make a positive impact on the environment, solar is the solution. Every home that makes the switch is helping to shift our nation’s dependency from precious natural resources like gas and oil, to clean, renewable, and sustainable energy from the sun.

Schedule your free consultation now to see if solar power is right for your home.

Save The Planet

Why Switch To Solar?

By the end of 2018, there will be nearly 2 million solar installations in the U.S. Why are smart home and business owners making the switch to solar?

  • To reduce (or eliminate!) electricity bills
  • To eliminate price increases
  • To own your own power source
  • Solar power increases property values
  • To reduce your carbon footprint.

Solarize U.S.

Giving Back with Innovation: Africa, one solar panel at a time

By switching to solar with Solarize U.S., not only will you receive less expensive power bills and reduce your carbon footprint, but you will help us sponsor a solar systems to power a clinic or school in remote villages in Africa. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Innovation: Africa (, a non-profit organization that brings solar, water and agricultural technologies to power clinics, schools, drip irrigation systems, and pumps clean water to villages in Africa for the first time.